Friday, March 7, 2014

The Meenie Goes To The Pinewood Derby

Jonathon got to have a lot of fun last weekend. It was pinewood derby day! For the last year Jonathon has been den master for our local cub scouts. It was a bit of a surprise when he was asked to do it. He’s worked with different scouting programs since forever, but cub scouts was something he hadn’t done since he’d been one. It’s been a challenge but he’s getting the hang of it. 

Today he got to take three boys to the local pinewood derby. He had a car of his own and a competitive spirit, maybe a little too much for a leader. He was the designated pit crew. In other words, he was the last minute helper for a lot of boys who walked in with unfinished cars. His own boys had great cars already and were ready to go. Although none of his boys won any medals they all did well in their heats and had a great time. 

The Silverado, Jonathon’s car, arrived third in the Outlaw’s, the race for non-cub scout competitors. He beat a poor six year old by a hair to take the bronze. When he told me the story he sounded guilty so I asked if he felt bad. No, he just felt bad for not feeling bad. He really wanted that bronze. Now I’m sure he loves that I just shared that, but it was too funny not to.

So a good time was had by all. Jonathon is sad that it’s over because now he has to come up with new ideas for activities. It’s back to business as usual until the races come again next year. 

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  1. I have never understood the appeal of the pinewood derby. Like, ever. I just don't get it and why it's so important. They'd probably never call me to work with the scouts since I think the kids would just die if I told them I wanted to skip the derby :)