Chaos Rules:

The Queen is dead, long live the Queen. As The Families fight to control a post apocalyptic Los Angeles the zombies are at the gates. Marisella, a gang rat, gets an invite to the super secret Games, whose winner becomes the next ruler. It comes with a catch. If she loses, someone she loves will die. Playing in the Games could give her edge she needs to gain control over her father's gang but it means keeping out of sight of Daniel Fox, her sadistic patron who’s responsible for the last queen's death. Luckily for her, she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve. Everyone thinks they’ve got the drop on her but they’ve all forgotten- never back a rat into a corner.

Stone Prince:

Avrya always wondered why she couldn’t just go along with everyone's plans for her life. She was supposed to marry one of the local boys and spend her life juggling babies and fish. Instead she’s been bucking expectations and now her parents are ready to wash their hands of her. That was before she meets a Goddess, falls for a Prince, and gets into an underwater fight with a cursed eel. Now the new Avrya might be the only one who can save her country from a sorceress bent on revenge. She can only succeed by being the person she was born to be, not what everyone is expecting from her.