I’m a twenty something aspiring author who instead of going out and partying, stays in and parties with my imaginary friends. Just as much fun, slightly less expensive. I grew up with gypsy parents and lived all over the US until my teenage years when we all settled down in Yellowstone National Park. While an incredibly beautiful landscape, Yellowstone suffered an oversupply of people in the summer and a serious shortage in winter. So summers came and I would work like crazy and meet people from almost every country in the world. Winters brought long days with not a lot to do when the cold scared me indoors. Luckily my father loved to read so I got to meet a wide variety of characters that would change my life. My hope is to someday create worlds as wonderful as the ones I visited as a teen. When not writing I’m being married (yes, this is a thing) and volunteering with a local teen group. I live in Philadelphia PA with one husband and a varying number of dying plants.

Notable life achievements (or cool things):

  • Grew up in Yellowstone 
  • Got married- my father is on record saying that no guy was crazy enough 
  • Went to school at LDSBC 
  • I'm trying to learn Spanish. So far I think I'm ten years from fluency.
  • I've been writing for 11 years, close to half my life.
  • Finished my first book at 17- although the random novella I wrote to blow off steam at 15 kind of messes with that count. 
  • Lived in six states by the time I was thirteen- and then spent the next ten years retracing my steps
  • Learned that life never, ever, goes according to plan.