Thursday, March 27, 2014


I had a really fun thing happen this last week. I got a dog! Well, sort of. I got a dog for three days. Friends of ours wanted to go out on vacation but couldn’t take their puppy with them. Miss Liberty is a nine month old daschound/beagle cross. Having her around was an absolute blast.

I loved having her. Staying at home all day can get pretty boring, and the more Jonathon works the less I see other people. Having a puppy who regularly needed attention gave me a boost. This is the first time I had a little dog around that I actually liked. I’ve mostly been around Shih-Tzu’s and I just could not appreciate them. Too much hair, not enough brains. But Libby was actually pretty smart and very sweet. I didn’t appreciate the beagle baying habit, but aside from that she was great. I wasn’t the only one who thought she was adorable. When I would take her for walks little kids went gaga over her! Growing up we only had big dogs and most other kids were afraid of them. Having a little girl press her face up to the glass and wave at the puppy was a totally new experience.

We’ve been debating whether or not to get a pet for years so we figured this was a trial run. Before having her there was a huge part of me that was unsure. I’m pet obsessed and I always have been, but it’s a lot of money to keep a pet in an apartment. Between a pet security deposit and an additional fee to my monthly rent I wondered why I should bother. The emotional benefits of having someone needing my affection and attention were undeniable. No, I’m not running immediately to my local shelter! But now I can see that the sacrifice that I will have to make to have a pet will probably be worth it.

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  1. PUPPY!!!!!! Puppy puppy puppy! *squeals* *dies from the cute*