Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Snow is in the air! As the weather report has been constantly reminding us, this is a very cold winter. It’s especially fun for the east coast where no one knows how to deal with it. The city of Philadelphia has voluntarily shut itself down twice in the past few weeks. First the polar vortex, then just regular winter storms. It’s been pretty cold out here.

What’s hilarious about this is that I moved away from the polar north (i.e. Wyoming) to get away from cold winters. They seemed to have followed me. For a while I was pretending that it wasn’t that cold for the purposes of justifying my exodus. Now that reality caught up with me I’m just going to wallow.

The pictures are from my tree just outside my window from the last storm. As you might see from the second picture it had a lot of ice. So much ice that the tree is no more. It split in half and now instead of having a few of a flowering cherry tree in the spring and summer I get an uninterrupted view of the parking lot. Yippee! At least I got awesome pictures before it died. 

On top of that the city has so many streets that plows just can’t make it. Mammoth Hot Springs, where I grew up, has ninja plowpeople who get the snow off the streets sometimes before it’s even fallen. The six Philly plows currently in operation are a little behind when it comes to blizzards. Some of the back roads are clogged for days until someone can get to them. Where it’s personally inconvenient is when I want to go out walking I’m having to wade through ankle deep snow with cars that are sliding in every direction. I always wanted to risk my life for exercise!
Anyhow, other then that the snow is beautiful and I’m just enjoying bundling up through another winter. Luckily it isn’t -1,000,000 like it is in my hometown so I can still go outside. I’m thinking positive thoughts people!

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  1. Well at least it looks pretty :) Everything looks dead and grey and muddy here.