Monday, February 3, 2014

Differences Between Teen Me and Adult Me

Some of the many changes that have come with adulthood, in no particular order. 

The Sniff Test:
Teen Me- If it looks weird I’m not eating it.
Adult Me-*sniff* still smells good. I don’t have to cook tonight.

Teen Me: Oh my gosh this book is so good!  I can’t go to sleep until I finish it.
Adult Me: Book, you’d better have a good jumping off point because I don’t want to see the other side of 2 in the morning again in this lifetime. *
Teen Me: SKIING!!!!
Adult Me: oh great, I get to drive with idiots today.

Clothes Shopping:
Teen Me: Let me get all my friends and search the entire mall for the perfect outfit.
Adult Me: Does it fit? Is it cheap? Great. Let’s get the thing and get of here before I lose anymore self-esteem.

*I have quit series’ where the books keep me up too late. Very few things are worth risking sleep for and there is a huge difference between an addictive book and a good book. Those two can go together, but don’t always.

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