Thursday, February 27, 2014


Something really awesome happened you guys. I got a piano! I’m over the moon excited about it. 

We’ve been in the market for a piano since this summer. It’s actually my Anniversary present from back in August, but we couldn’t find one we liked it time for that deadline. We couldn’t afford to pay much, or really anything at all. On a friend’s suggestion we scoured Craigslist for free piano’s. Obviously beggars can’t be choosers, but we still didn’t want to get something that was too damaged or too far away. Luckily while mine falls a little into the too damaged side, it was only twenty minutes away. We have great friends who were willing to go with us and get it. When we got it back the missionaries took over the heavy lifting! 

I’m guessing it’s from the sixties. It’s a little scuffed up but some TLC has helped enormously. It’s still got some sound problems and sticky keys. We’re going to be learning piano repair to help it out! Jonathon is not excited to figure out how to tune a piano. Luckily he’s awesome enough to do it anyway.
I forgot how wonderful it is to have a piano in the house. I grew with one. My mom is a lovely player and she used to help me go to sleep by playing lullabies. Unlike learning anything else piano relaxed me when I practice. I use it to reorient, to give myself a few moments to let the world go. The day we got it Jonathon had to run out and grab something and when he got back he said exactly what I was thinking. With the piano our apartment feels more like a home.

Well, I should close this blog before I get too zen. I hope your having as great a week as I am!

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