Thursday, January 2, 2014

Crafty Stuff: In the which you get to look at the crazy stuff I make in my spare time

Time for my craft update! For those of you who were wondering what you’ve done to be forced through this, the answer is that it’s easier then Facebook. So there.

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on Christmas presents. Tis the season to give all your relatives ugly homemade gifts. Boy did I succeed! First off I must have made nine million scarves. Okay, more like twelve but it felt like millions. I love to do scarves in the summer because then I don’t have a big ol’ blanket sitting on my lap. Here’s one of the finished product modeled by my long suffering husband.* Luckily most of the scarves were much nicer then this one. In my desperation to find a boy scarf that I could finish in the few hours before my flight I found the easiest crotchet scarf pattern of all time, which is not the one you see here. If you’re interested in learning to crotchet it’s a great way to go.

Last year my mom got me yarn so I could learn to knit on my Christmas break. By making a whole blanket. She turned out to be wildly optimistic about my abilities. By this year I was finally finished!  It’s still finished by Christmas so that’s close enough, right? My little brother didn't miss it. Don’t be too harsh, this was my first time. Hopefully the next one will be better.

Last is my favorite which I actually did start and finish over a Christmas vacation. I got to visit family and make a baby blanket for my brand new nephew. I was so proud of it that I took a dozen pictures, proving my impending Grandmahood for all time. The story is that a friend found a similer one at Goodwill. I’d been searching high and low for the ultimate perfect pattern for my friend Danielle’s baby. Of course I had to go the hardest way possible and find one that had no instructions, just a blanket, and it wasn’t even mine. After I promised to not actually rip the blanket apart trying to figure it out Angel let me borrow it. I had a week to figure it out before I sent it back. I know I’m bragging a little but seriously, the fact that this worked out is kind of amazing. So here it is! Now I get to try it a slightly different way for my upcoming niece.**

 That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll have new projects to tell you about soon.

*I didn’t force him to do this for the blog. In fact, he be thrilled to see I used the pictures that were only for the family in front of the whole internet! As you can see he was very enthusiastic about being photographed wearing women's scarves.
**Well, she’s not technically my niece but I’m going to terrorize her like I’m her aunt so it’s the same thing.

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  1. Hey, I love my scarf! And the finished blanket for Gavin looks adorable!