Monday, January 20, 2014

Jennavier Recommends: Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Just to start, you should know I love urban fantasy. I grew up on epic fantasy but the last decade has not been kind to that genre. As a complete lack of new interesting things came out in my genre of choice I started noticing the shiny covers of urban fantasy. They were fresh and more important there were girls on the cover. I’ve always been impressed how most epic fantasy managed to get by the first four decades of it’s life with minimal female involvement between the pages.

Sadly, the problems that plague any genre aren’t absent from this one. The heroine/hero is normally a hard bitten PI-Cop-Magical Law Enforcement person with a murder to solve and a Tragic Backstory. They usually have little to no friends or family, and if female have lots of sex, and some kind of mutation that allows them to eat whatever they want. As much as I love urban fantasy I’ve started to roll my eyes as soon as I open the cover.

That’s where Written in Red bursts on to the scene. It’s from new-to-me author Anne Bishop who just blows everything out of the water. This isn’t just an alternate world, it’s a really alternate world were humans are kept in cities and the Others own everything else. The heroine is a Cassandra, a blood prophet, forced to tell the truth of visions that people won’t want to believe. The hero is were-wolf esque, but not in any way you’d expect. So many of the tropes are present but twisted so far as to be completely unrecognizable. The characters are written with such spot-on humanity (or in-humanity as the case requires) that they are almost instantly gripping. Plus Bishop got her start as a heroic fantasy writer and so all the things I love from that genre are out in force. I’m personally dying for book 2 and think you should be too! 

If you want to check it out you can visit it on Goodreads or the Anne Bishop website.

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