Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Magic Pill

Every time I learn something new about writing I expect it to give my book a magical makeover. This simple trick will somehow make JK Rowling look like a hack and Dickenson come back from the grave just to read my stuff. Then comes the inevitable day where I finish the draft using this new tool and it’s still not perfect. My writing is a little better but it's still not what I dreamed it would be.

When my last big push ended (outlining!) I was still disappointed with my first draft. How could this happen? Why, oh why, is the Muse so mean to me? Once again I got to face the reality that while each step forward is a good thing, it’s not the thing that’s going to solve all of my problems.That means I’m now on to editing. This time I’m going into it knowing that it won’t make everything perfect. As my skills grow as a writer so do my abilities to spot my own mistakes. Hopefully my ability to fix my mistakes will keep growing as well! As each trick fails I become more hopeful that persistence will take me where I want to go. What’s the best writing tip you’ve heard recently?

1 comment:

  1. Sadly my writing goes through growing pains as well. Oh how I wish it would just be good enough already at once!