Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Christmas Wish for You

So Christmas really crept up on me this year! My plan with this brand new blog was to keep soldiering on right through the holiday season. Obviously that hasn’t happened. All of my best intentions got kicked to the curb by the day to day requirements of traveling across the country. Now I’m in Boise, far from my home base, enjoying the company of family. I’m now having to choose between cuddling my nephews or blogging/writing/worrying. 

I’m usually so worried about what I’m supposed to be doing that I totally miss out on what I can do. I don’t want my holidays to be consumed throughout the holidays with regrets. So my Christmas wish for you is the same as it is for me. That we will let go of all the things we have to do this season and focus on things we can do. An almost impossible task, but isn’t that what wishes are for? All the things we left will still be here when we get back. My best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. I'll be back soon.

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