Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Car


Has anything ever happened to you in your life that made you sit back and wonder how you got so lucky? For me that moment came three weeks ago.

When we were visiting my other set of in-laws in Ohio on our way to our various vacations Patti posed a question to us. Would it be okay if they gave us a car?

Yes, she really asked that. The answer was pretty easy. Of course! It’s they’re kids teenager car, and since the teenagers are long since grown into moms and dads the car is at loose ends. It’s a little older, but it’s been well maintained and is an amazing gift. I think I’m still a little pole axed by the whole thing.

Like most miracles, there’s been a little assembly required. The new-to-us car is a stick which neither Jonathon nor I knew how to drive. He got a crash course at scout camp and last week drove that sucker across the country. I wish I could say that all our problems are solved, but since he’s still struggling getting into first gear it’s more like they’re ongoing.

Having cars spontaneously gifted to you would always be awesome, but for us it’s been a special blessing. As many of you know my husband got a job recently (hooray!), and it means he’s away from home a lot. Since we only have one car that means I’m often stranded. That’s not something I wasn’t willing to deal with but not having to stress about schedules or be glued to our apartment from 9-5 is awesome.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen to it in the long run. We’re planning on moving to a place that will struggle keeping one car, let alone two. But somehow the Lord knew what we needed this time. I’ll trust that he’ll do the same for us with the next step.

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