Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friends or Mud

It’s a contest! Jonathon and I took separate vacations and you get to decide which of us had the best idea of a good time.

Every year that he can Jonathon volunteers at the Raise the Bar Scout Camp in Ohio. Luckily for him he married a girl that will put up with him absconding for a week every summer, since my dad did the same thing. Normally he goes and has a great time and I stay home, eating frozen dinners and getting to sleep at two in the morning. Not this year! This year I had an awesome moment of awesome and went to visit my friend Danielle in Indiana for a week. Now, this would be the coolest thing if it were just Danielle but it’s not. Danielle just had a baby, and I am her honorary aunt.

I would add pictures but A) I’m not going to post pictures of someone else’s baby on a public forum and B) both Jonathon and I forgot to take any. Obviously we are members of the wrong generation. Also, the cuteness of said baby might overload the internet.

Jonathon had fun in the mud. They have a new location so it was a little rough. He got to teach swimming in the lake. He came home tanned, dirty, and covered in chigger bites with a big grin and a lot of stories. Doesn’t sound like my idea of a great time, but I’m not going to judge.

I hung out with Danielle and Seth for the week. Seth’s parents were great enough to let me stay with them, and boy did I appreciate it. I especially appreciated their pool! There’s nothing like swimming to make the summer perfect. Danielle’s baby is absolutely adorable. I think she wins for cutest niece of the year, although I’m sure there are other proud aunts that would claim otherwise. Danielle showed off the Lafeyette zoo, which if your ever in the area you should check out. It’s free to the public and there are baby wallabies! So cute.

Anyways, I think I’m the clear winner of the vacation destinations, but I’ll leave it up to your vote. Who do you think had the better idea?

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