Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jonathon Got a Job!

Jonathon's office will be in the top right hand corner

Happy News! My husband got a job. He’s been unemployed and ‘underemployed’ for the last two and a half years. Considering my health is bad so I can’t work that’s put a lot of strain on this little family. Luckily we’ve had plenty of help, blessings, and luck to get us through. Now we don’t have to worry about getting through- we’re there!

Jonathon’s going to be working for Judge Glenn Bronson as his law clerk. Judge Bronson is one of the ten judges in Philadelphia that focuses on murders. Yes, Philly has murder judges. Don’t worry, we’re not going to die tomorrow. It’s just a really big city.

You might be curious what he’s going to be doing. Wonder no more! This job means that he drafts opinions for the judge, conducts legal research, and drafts appellate decisions. It’s a cool opportunity because it gives him the chance to learn more about the law and to watch cases in action. It also means that he gets more chances to make contacts throughout the legal community, so hopefully he’ll be able to get another awesome job when this one ends. Yes, sadly, clerks are not permanent positions. Although the judge would probably keep him if Jonathon wanted to stay he’s expected to move on in two years or so.

You might be thinking this all sounds familiar. After all, hasn’t Jonathon been doing the same thing for the past two years? Since we moved here Jonathon has worked as a judicial fellow for Judge Minehart. The only big difference in his duties is that he’ll have more of them (quantity, not variety) and he’ll be paid. I’m pretty grateful for that last one! He’s also very qualified for this job. He’s already started training as- you guessed it- a judicial fellow until the position officially comes available on June 30th.

I can barely believe that this time in our life is over. I’ve very ready for the start of our next adventure!

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